Our offered products are natural, organic and hight quality


We deliver fast for your require because we want satisfied custormers


We deal with Hungarian foods firsty and offer some other hight quality food industry products too.


When you have any question, please contact us and we will give any necessary information !

Our company was established in 1996  – We are an small family company. First years we had gaved business advice and other support for entrepeneurs, and later we start some international business of agriculture products. We had interproposal some food inductry business and other field products too. In this years we committed for healty food products and all innovation items which facilitatiton our life. We open for cooperation in all business field. When you find any products, or service in Hungary, or find any partnership please, do not hesitate call us for our help. Our headquarte in Kislod city, Veszprem countey in  Hungary,  Adress: 33. Szechenyi street.

More company details:

Court reg. number: 19-09-503193
Tax registration: 11523392-2-19
Contact person: Mrs. Erika Balogh
Email: adacta2012@gmail.com
Mobile: +36 20 8232 682