Blue Poppy Seed

 Produced in Hungary

Its use has become very versatile. In ancient times, they started to use it as a medicine, later as chemical raw materials, and then poppy seed as a spice. Hungarian cuisine is also welcome to use small and valuable poppy seeds for which we give ideas in our recipes.

For big quantity, please require unique offer.

For small quantity we sell 200 gr and 5 kg bulk.



* The information in the nutrition table is for information purposes, and may fluctuate.

Average nutritional value in 100 g product *
Energy (kJ / kcal):  2.259 / 540
Fat: 40 (g)
of which saturated fatty acids: 5 (g)
Carbohydrate: 28 (g)
of which sugars: 3.1 (g)
Food fiber: 10 (g)
Protein: 12 (g)
Salt: 0.02 (g)


In addition to the high vitamin E content of poppies, valuable B1-, B6-, B2- and vitamin sources also make it a worthy place in healthy nutrition. It is mainly due to its intestinal cleansing effect, as it leaves the digestive system almost indigestibly, loosening the intestinal contents and cleansing the walls of the intestinal tract. Other beneficial effects include enhancing mental performance and having a neurotransmitter, sedative effect. It is popular among young children and the elderly for strengthening the bone.